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KPI Dashboard

Dashboard KPI is one of the features available in iPresso's Report Center. It allows you to keep track of the results of your efforts. 

In order to use KPI reports, navigate to Reports and select KPI Dashboard from the menu on the left. You will see the list of your current reports. 

You can also add new targets and campaigns here.

Creating a campaign

From the expandable menu in the upper right corner select Configure dashboard.

Then click the Create campaign button.

A new screen will open.

Name the campaign, specify its time frames, and choose the group of system users who will have access to the report.

You will be able to configure any targets you want within your campaign.

After configuring all the settings click Save.


Add targets to a campaign

In order to add targets to a campaign, click the  button, and the select Configure Dashboard from the menu. 

Choose the campaign to which you want to add the target from the expandable list.

Click the Add target button.

Define the target by selecting its type - you can choose such targets as e.g. New contacts, Active contacts, Filled-out forms, Visited landing pages.

Depending on your choice, you will be asked to provide some more specific data. For example, if you select E-mail campaigns sent, you will have to specify its Conversion type (e.g. Sent emails, Opened emails, Links clicked).

Specify time frames and define what results are to be achieved within the specific time period.

You can also tick the Less the better box if you want to, for example, measure unsubscriptions.

After configuring all the settings click Save.

Browsing reports

In order to view the report click on the appropriate target on the list in the Dashboard.

You can see the current data about target progress and trends here.


If you want to download the report, click on the  button and select Download report.



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