Actions on sites

Actions on sites are an example of an iPresso's Real Time Marketing feature, that is an action performed instantly in reaction to current activities of potential and actual customers.

To create a new action on site navigate to Automation, and select Actions on sites from the menu on the left.

Click the Add button in the upper right corner of the screen and the iPresso Studio wizard will be launched.

In the first step, you need to define the settings.

Configure the following elements:

  • name, 
  • contact type - you can select all contacts, only the monitored contacts, or only the anonymous contacts,
  • start date - specify when the action will be launched,
  • monitored site - address of the website on which the action will be performed,
  • subsites - narrow down the action to specific pages,moment to perform the action - specify when the action is to be performed, e.g. you may specify that it should be launched when a visitor tries to close the website,
  • devices - specify if it should be launched on all devices, or, for example, only on mobile or desktop devices,
  • end date,
  • capping.

Setting a capping allows you to limit the number of displays of the action, e.g. you may specify that it should not be launched more often than once in 24 hours, not more often than twice a week, and not more often than five times during a month.

After defining all the settings, move to criteria.

Here you can use the activity order, or a progression of activities, that will cause the action to be launched. If you choose this option, the action will only be performed for contacts who. e.g., have opened specific pages in a given progression.

If you want to use such progressiom move the slide to Yes, and define the consecutive actions to be performed.

After defining the criteria, move to the next step - actions.

Here you can specify the type of action that is going to be performed after the criteria are met. You can for example select popup, mobile push, web push or JavaScript code which may be loaded on the website. You can also add an information about an activity to contacts in the database. 

The move to the summary, and if all the fields are green, you can save the action.

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